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Downtime costs real money.

What would happen if, during peak business hours, your Internet suddenly goes down at one or more locations? For most businesses the consequences of just a few minutes of downtime can ripple across all business operations. Modern business rely on a connection to the Internet. Without it, employees cannot complete basic tasks, communication platforms and POS systems go dark, and IT staff has to be diverted from other critical tasks.

According to Fierce IT Security, 60% of IT executives report having to contend with network downtime at least once a month. This costs real money and can consume a great deal of time. Businesses that take credit cards need an Internet connection to process payments. Companies that depend on the Internet see productivity grind to a halt when there are service interruptions. If your company depends on calls to do business then your phone system needs to stay online, regardless of Internet disruptions.

Routers with Automatic

Cellular Failover

That is where ABTS can help! We offer routers with automatic cellular failover when the Internet goes down. Our powerful routers offer a host of benefits, including:

  • 4G LTE technology offers always-on, cost-effective connectivity
  • Wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network humming
  • Greater ROI with low cost of 4G LTE
  • Purpose-built for PCI compliant architectures
  • Managed remotely from a cloud interface
  • Secure & Encrypted Virtual Private Networks
  • Cloud-based security with anti-malware and web filtering capabilities
  • Comprehensive intrusion prevention and detection system
  • Segmented & parallel network design capabilities