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Caller ID Management & Control

Most modern phone system include caller ID, but our VoIP system gives managers control of their caller ID. Your system can lookup phone number and associate them with contacts that are programmed in the system. This can be used to match vendors or clients to a specific caller ID so clients can be handled efficiently.

Some businesses may need to change their caller ID for certain calls. The CallerID Management module is a unique way to modify the Caller ID that is out-pulsed on the fly. By utilizing a simple feature code you can change your Caller ID for one call or all calls. This is an excellent solution for businesses that run more than one business from a single location.

Our VoIP system can also check incoming caller ID and use that data to route calls to the correct destination. This can be useful if your business has VIP clients or clients assigned to specific sales representative as those callers can bypass regular call flow and be transferred directly to the employee or department that is desired. Additionally, known numbers can be programed into an internal phone book so the correct name can be added to the caller ID information that the system receives.

Caller ID information can also be appended with relevant information, such as if the caller came from a specific ring group or queue. Announcements can be played to the caller or employee receiving the call that provides even more information.