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A Live Overview of Your System

The panel lets you see detailed phone system activity, like who is talking and to whom, call durations, held calls, queued calls, etc. It lets you control your phone and perform transfers, launch call spying and whisper, monitor queue activity and more. All from your web browser, without the need to install anything on the client side. It can show any number of lines per phone and held call status, so you can see exactly what is going on.

For receptionists

Developed with a receptionist in mind. All actions are available within two clicks of the mouse.

  • See who is available or not.
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers.
  • Ability to pickup ringing phones.
  • Manage and visualize parked calls.
  • Realtime search and filter of extensions (great for big companies with hunderds of extensions).

For call center supervisors

Not only you can see extension status, but also a quick glimpse of queues.

  • See agents logged into a queue.
  • See agent status (paused, logged off, invalid).
  • See every call waiting on the queue with its timer.
  • Manage agents: add, remove or pause queue members.
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click.
  • Spy or whisper to your agents.
  • Initiate call recording to disk.

You do not need to be a receptionist or run a call center to take advantage of the dashboard, as it lets you control your own calls even before you pick them up. The dashboard will show you call notifications with the caller ID number and name. End-users can transfer out, hangup, and pickup calls from the dashboard. Conference calls can be controlled from the dashboard, too. With presence tools, users can set their status to available or away and the receptionist can see who is available. Lastly, users can use the built-in IM feature to communicate quickly and efficiently with other users, even if they are on a call.