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Smartphone & Remote Solutions

In today's world more and more workers operate outside of an office building. Remote workers may have home offices or work off mobile devices from the field. Salespeople may leave their desk to meet with clients. Managers may not be at their desk to accept calls. Our VoIP systems have solutions to accommodate all of these situations.

You can use find-me-follow-me or call forwarding to route calls to your smart phone. This can be automatically set to try a desk phone and cell phone at the same time or manually turned on and off. We also offer soft phone applications that can be installed on a mobile device to take calls. These allow you to accept incoming calls made from internal extensions or external DIDs. These applications also let you make outbound calls using the company's caller ID information. This allows employees to use their own device while keeping their personal number private.

This solution is not currently available for iPhones as these devices will sleep background applications.