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Click-to-Dial & Much More

If you have a consistently high call volume or want to maximize the efficiency of your communications then you should consider a soft phone solution for your PC or Mac. We can recommend a headset that works with our soft phones and offer high-quality noise-canceling technology. This soft phone application runs on your computer and acts like a desk phone extension. This application makes it easy to call customers or vendors with the click of a button. With the correct configuration your soft phone can dial from Outlook, SalesForce, and other CRMs.

Automation features allow you to trigger a browser pop up on an incoming call so your receptionist can see information on the caller. Utilizing our integrated dashboard, you can easily return calls from a visual voice mail or internal phone book.

These soft phones can be used as the primary device for communication or as part of a find-me-follow-me application. Utilizing soft phones can provide remote workers with a communications solution without investing in the physical hardware of a desk phone.

For companies that have large lists of external numbers that are frequently contacted, our integrated web solution will allow you search for the desired contact and click on the number to initiate the phone call. It makes communications fast and efficient. This solution can be shared with all of the employees or customized to specific departments or users.