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More Control, Easy-to-Use

Our voicemail system is so much more advanced than the traditional phone systems of the past. With great features like Voicemail to Email and visual voicemail via the User Control Panel or Dashboard users will have the ultimate control and access to their system.

With Voicemail Reporting, there is now an easy way for System Administrators and Managers to review all users voicemail settings in one place as well as listen to all voicemails residing on the system from one report.

Voicemail Notify allows an individual or a group to be notified and optionally accept responsibility for a voicemail. Additionally, notifications can be sent out when someone claims responsibility for the voicemail. This feature can be used to escalate emergency voicemails through a system where users accept or deny responsibility for a particular voicemail. The system will continue to contact the designated users until one of them accepts responsibility for the voicemail. Managers can then view reports on the users that answered or missed the voicemail notification and who accepted responsibility for it.