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With Easy Financing Options

If you've been operating your business on a legacy phone system then you may find that it is costing more to keep your current communications solution than to switch to a new VoIP system. Refurbished legacy phone systems components, such as those of Nortel and Samsung, have been increasing in cost and are becoming harder to find as fewer and fewer become available.

ABTS has partnered with leading financial service companies to offer great financing options that enable you to preserve capital while reducing costs and protecting your investment. Our leasing partners offer competitive and fair rates to our customers. Options such as the $1 buy out at the end of the lease term and flexible terms make purchasing a new phone system easy and affordable.

Financing Benefits:

  • Free up capital: You pay for equipment as it is being used to generate revenue rather than cash up front.
  • Preserve credit: Will not tie up valuable lines of credit you may need for expenses or to fuel growth and expansion
  • Tax benefits: Up to 90% of lease payments for the full term of the lease may be deductible in the same year as you sign the lease
  • Options: At the end of your lease, you can purchase the equipment, upgrade to new equipment or renew the lease at substantial savings.
  • Avoid obsolescence: Avoid getting "stuck" with obsolete technology; leasing allows you to upgrade, trade-in, or add-on to your equipment during the lease term.