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Multi-Site Solutions

If you own a business with multiple locations you face many challenges in your day-to-day operations, but your communications platform doesn't have to be one of them. When you opt for a hosted multi-site communications platform you can reduce the overall cost of communications, improve the quality of your conversations and increase business profits. We've been helping businesses maximize the return on their communications investment for over 40 years, so we can provide the most knowledgeable communications consultations in the industry.

Businesses that have reached a level requiring multiple locations or a remote workforce need to maintain a contiguous audio brand for their customers. You want your customers to have the most user-friendly experience possible and avoid confusion when attempting to contact a specific employee or location. Our systems allow you to have a single communications platform across multiple sites. Numbers can be routed to a specific destination or callers can reach an auto-attendant to help them with their selection. Receptionists can transfer calls across the hall or across the country with the push of a button. Worker that use smart phones can implement soft phone solutions or call forwarding to receive transfered calls on their device. Our user control panels and visual dashboards allow managers and receptionists to quickly see who is available to take calls, how many calls a department is handling, and control call flow with the push of a button.

We work together with dedicated project coordinators, national-scale resources, local production capabilities, and offer great pricing to create a value proposition unlike any other in the industry. Whether you have one location or multiple locations across many states ABTS is your answer.

From implementation to ongoing support, we're here to make sure your communications are done right! Our responsive technical support staff can handle most programming changes remotely. We implement VPN solutions to make remote management easy and fast.

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Streamlining Multi-Site Communications
  • Multiple Offices, One Phone System: There is no need for multiple servers in multiple closets when you have multiple locations. A single server can reside in a location with backup and redundancy. This allows users from across the world to dial co-workers with the push of a button.
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs: Multiple locations can mean multiple bills for maintaining a communications platform. Eliminate unnecessary service calls and parts by unifying your communications into a single stream-lined system that can be managed remotely.
  • Beyond Voice Calls: Our systems offer Video conferencing solutions, Fax to Email, instant messaging between employees, conference room solutions, and more. These solutions streamline communications and keep lines open for the most important phone calls.
  • Feature Continuity: Employees at a remote location should have the same productivity-enhancing features that those at HQ enjoy. With a single multi-site solution, all of your workers will enjoy all of the system's amazing features. From voicemail to email to call forwarding and find-me-follow, you'll get a powerful ROI with our multi-site systems.
  • Power Your Remote Workforce: The trend is clear that workers are becoming more and more mobile. The modern workforce is more comfortable using their cell phone than their desk phone, so empower them to do what works! We offer smart phone applications that turn their smart phones into remote extensions. This allows them to dial out using the company's caller ID and recieve transfered calls as if they were sitting at a desk.
  • Heads-up Dashboard for Managers: Managers can oversee communications at multiple locations from our easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard features extension modules, such as visual voicemail and click-to-call directories. It gives managers a birds-eye view of communications with queue reports, visual presence indicators, and wait time overviews. With the push of a button managers can listen to calls, whisper to employees, barge in on calls, transfer and hangup. You'll always know who is talking to who, how long customers are waiting, and have control over call flow from any browser.
  • Designed for Scalability: Our systems are designed to grow. Adding extensions, reprogramming auto-attendants, managing voicemails, and technical support are all important when scaling up a business phone system. Even our smallest systems can handle hundreds of extensions and simultaneous voice calls, so you can grow from 5 to 500 with ease.