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On-Premise Phone System

We offer on-premise phone systems for large and medium-sized businesses.

On-premise systems put the equipment in your closet. This gives your company ownership of the hardware, eliminates recurring fees associated with hosted systems, and minimizes the bandwidth necessary for internal voice traffic.

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  • Initial Cost


  • Maintenance

    Monthly plans available

  • Pros & Cons

    Greatest control, minimal recurring costs, company is responsible for maintenance

An easy-to-use solution that will give you a solution that matches your needs.

Using VoIP with an on-site server has a higher cost upfront, but then no recurring monthly fee. Above a certain threshold it becomes more cost effective to purchase your own equipment than to pay a monthly fee.

VoIP Facts

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Recommend for

SMBs or enterprises with available IT resources and have the need for control over their phone system, or want a more customized solution.

You have control over every detail.

  • No risk of fee increases
  • Lower total cost of ownership especially as the system grows
  • You have complete control and flexibility—you can even switch solutions or mix-and-match
  • Higher setup costs
  • Unknown long-term maintenance and support costs
  • Every expansion increases the complexity you have to manage yourself

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