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Service and Support

We service and support Samsung systems. With over 40 years of telecommunications experience and dozens of Samsung certifications, we are experts in the Samsung product line. If you are having issues with your Samsung phone system, please call 770-529-5678 for service.

Samsung Phones & Systems

Browse Samsung's portfolio of small-to-medium sized business phone system solutions. Samsung phone systems are tailored to maximize your resources, provide highly scalable communications, and organization-wide integration. Most systems offer advanced features and functionality for increased productivity. When you invest in a new Samsung system you get streamlined operations and reliable communications.

Samsung IP Phones

IP PhoneSMT-I6010

The SMT-i6010 is a functional and user friendly entry-level IP phone for small and medium-size offices.

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IP PhoneSMT-I6011

A superb IP phone for executive assistants and managers, the SMT-i6011 VoIP phone offers a polished and professional look. With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, this desk phone offers a lot of advanced features for the price.

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IP PhoneSMT-I6020

The SMT-i6020 desk phone is a practical addition to the SMT-i600 series. The phone offers a lot of advanced features for the price.

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IP PhoneSMT-I60201

The next big thing in VoIP phones, the SMT-i6021 is a sleek addition to executive offices. This powerful IP phone connects with executives smartphones while offering many advanced telephony features.

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IP PhoneSMT-I5343

Gear up your business and experience enhanced productivity with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth and Wireless technologies.

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IP PhoneSMT-I5220S

Perfect for main or remote office locations and office administrators, the SMT-i5220 is a great tool for those who need flexibility, customized set- up and multimedia UC.

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IP PhoneSMT-I5210

Ideal for your office staff, the SMT-i5210 offers HD voice quality, productivity features, easy-to-use programmable keys and intuitive navigation.

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IP PhoneSMT-I5230

Ideal for sales staff, the SMT-i5230 IP phone supports productivity tools such as Presence, Scheduler, IM and video.

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IP PhoneSMT-I3105

Perfect for common areas, lobbies and waiting rooms, the SMT-i3105 offers the capacity, functionality and features for low to moderate users.

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Expansion ModuleSMT-I5264

IP Add-on Module SMT-i5264

  • Compatible with IP phones
  • 64 programmable keys
  • Powered by PoE
  • Two-position desk mount

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Samsung Digital Phones

Digital PhoneiDCS-8D

  • Samsung iDCS is 8 Button Programmable phone
  • LCD Display Telephone
  • Speakerphone
  • Must be used on a DCS Phone System (software 4.5 or higher)

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Digital PhoneiDCS-18D

  • 18 programmable keys with tri-coloured LEDs
  • Fully handsfree
  • 2 fixed-function keys (HOLD, ANS/RLS)
  • 8 selectable ring tones
  • Adjustable LCD panel with 32-character display (2x16)

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Digital PhoneiDCS-28D

  • 32 character display (2 x 16) with three associated soft keys and a scroll key
  • 28 programmable keys with tri-colored lights
  • Four fixed function keys Terminal Status Indicator
  • Built-in speakerphone

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Digital PhoneDS-5014D

The DS-5014D is an ideal solution for power users in small offices. With its easy-to-use features, and user-friendly menu, incoming calls are really easy to process while keeping close control of call activity.

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Digital PhoneDS-5021D

The DS-5021D is a cost-effective solution for companies that need the reliability and power to handle high volume traffic calls.

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Expansion ModuleDS-5064B

Add-on Module DS-5064B

  • Expands digital phones
  • 64 programmable keys
  • Efficient indicator lights
  • Up to 32 modules per system

Samsung Communication Platforms

Phone systems for small to mid-sized businesses tailored to maximize your resources.

OfficeServ 7030

Supports up to 16 phones

  • Reduces communication costs
  • Optimizes staff productivity
  • Advanced technology for everyone

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OfficeServ 7100

Supports up to 32 phones

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Preprogrammed and ready to go
  • Grows on your own pace

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OfficeServ 7200S

Supports up to 64 users

  • Perfect for small-to-mid-sized businesses
  • Investment Protection
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Supports remote workforce

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OfficeServ 7200

Supports up to 128 users

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Ideal for on-the-go workforce
  • Scalable and cost efficient

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OfficeServ 7400

Supports up to 480 phones

  • Scalability and reliability
  • Ideal for efficient operations
  • Secure communication system

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SCM Compact

SCM Communication Manager Compact - Supports up to 512 users

  • Mobile-first IP telephony platform
  • Embedded apps & Flexible APIs
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Investment protection

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